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Tico Times Article on Las Catalinas

By 16 April, 2010 No Comments
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Some more press appeared today on Las Catalinas, a nice article in the Tico Times, which is the leading English language newspaper in Costa Rica.  From the article:

“I had the idea of building a town where the different elements of life such as houses and apartments and shops and workplaces are together on walk-able streets, rather than separated out into separate pods, Brewer told The Tico Times. One of the things that I hope we will accomplish is to introduce a pattern of development that I think would serve Costa Rica wonderfully well, which is that of a compact, walk-able town with lots of preserved nature surrounding it…

“The element of beauty is important, Brewer said. What we aspire to have is a place that has the energy and inclusiveness of a place like Tamarindo, but that’s well-planned and beautiful. Places like that do not exist on beaches in the new world tropics.”

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