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Mostly sunny with some slightly shifting winds around 7mph throughout the day today, starting out of the northeast and switching to the northwest as the day goes on. Some cooler temperatures this morning as well, starting in the mid 70s and only picking up to the low 80s by midday, with some cloud cover in the afternoon keeping the heat very manageable. Out in the bay the waves were more active than expected yesterday, with the swell around 2 feet and peaking around 1 meter tall, and those conditions look to continue today. One expected reason for this unpredictable swell is some irregular winds in the Pacific that started this weekend and continued into the earlier part of this week, which saw some massive waves all of the way out in Hawaii and unpredictable conditions all throughout Costa Rica. Things should settle a bit as those winds wash out towards the end of this week.

The next few days should see the rolling out of the Las Catalinas Weekly Calendar, a schedule for residents and guests comprised of all of the major events going on in town during the week. Featuring a wide selection of activities like early morning yoga and exercise, film screenings and seminars, specials at our local restaurants, excursions, and more, the Las Catalinas Weekly Calendar should be an excellent resource to stay up to date with the events going on in town every day. Some highlights this week are the Kite Making Class this Sunday, ConnectOcean’s Citizen Science Dive Day, and a new HIIT training and flexibility course going on at the Yoga Pavilion out by Pura Vida Ride on Monday and Wednesday.

There will also be a number of events that are open to the public and distributed through the Las Catalinas Events Page, like seminars on urbanism and aquatic ecology, community gatherings, open athletic trainings, and more.

The calendar will be emailed out to all guests and residents currently staying in town at the beginning of the week or upon arrival, and should be available very soon.



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