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The Daily. Thursday, January 10th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Tortilla Making and Sunset Activities

A cool morning and warm afternoon today, with a slowly rising wind throughout the day and a few scattered clouds. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s and rise steadily throughout the day, peaking in the mid 80s at around 3pm before falling off as we approach sunset. The breeze will start slow out of the east, picking up to come more out of the northwest by midafternoon and hitting around 10mph. Out in the cove, a light swell and the moderate offshore winds should mean light waves, with a low tide mid morning, around 11:30. On the trails, the cool morning air was ideal for a ride, and right around sunset the warmer temperatures and excellent visibility should be great for an evening hike.

A slew of activities going on around town as we approach the weekend, starting in the morning with Casa Chameleon’s Tortilla Making class from 7-10am, and continuing on into a pair of sunset activities to take advantage of the warm weather this and excellent visibility this evening. Up on the hill by Casa Chameleon, Sunset Beats will start around 3pm up by the pool, a relaxing way to enjoy the sunset with a live DJ as the sun sets on the cove. Down on the beach, Limonada will be hosting their Sunset Happy Hour, perfect for stepping in and out of the waves and living up the end of the day.

Tomorrow morning, Casa Chameleon will be hosting a Yoga Class at 9am up on the top of the hill, which should bring with it cool temperatures and an excellent view of a cloudless sky.

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