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In this Daily — Limonada hosts a talk by experts on the study of macrobiotics.

Another warm and sunny day today with some scattered clouds and a strong breeze (a little over 10mph) coming from the northeast all day. Temperatures will start in the high 70s and rise to the mid 80s by the middle of the day, leaning a bit more overcast towards sunset. Swell is expected to be lower today (around 1.5 feet), with the offshore winds that have been prominent throughout this week steadying a bit, and the tide will be rising throughout the morning and peaking at 2pm.

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Last night Limonada hosted an open talk by Virginia Harper, one of the foremost thinkers on macrobiotics, on the first night of her three-night series on macrobiotics and how it aligns very closely with the lifestyle going on at Las Catalinas. It was a comprehensive talk, one that touched on Harper’s own experience with the lifestyle, how she has used the work to help others, and an in-depth look at the science behind macrobiotics and its fundamental principles. Afterward, featured guests from Juice Cafe Tamarindo provided samples aligned with the macrobiotic diet.

Tonight at 6pm, Morgan Jones — an expert on gut and digestive health and Las Catalinas homeowner — will be hosting another open talk to follow up and “go under the hood” of macrobiotics, to talk in a little more detail about the science of the lifestyle and explore the key biological and chemical principles that make macrobiotics tick. This pair of talks will culminate in a luncheon tomorrow, Friday the 6th at Limonada, where Jones and Harper will work together with Gilberto Briceño, one of the top chefs from Las Catalinas, to create an exciting and delicious meal that shows off the possibilities of a macrobiotic diet. For inquiries about this event, or to reserve a spot at the lunch, email limonada@lascatalinascr.com.

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