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In this Daily — Black Holes and the Sun

A bit cloudier today, with a bit more moisture in the air. There have actually been some rains a bit further inland in the past few days, so if you’ve been wondering why it felt quite a bit more humid than usual yesterday, there’s your answer. Temperatures should be in the low 80s today though, a little more pleasant than yesterdays mid 80s.

Some super fascinating news zipped around the world yesterday, with the release of the first ever photo of a black hole. Simultaneously announced in 5 different locations around the world to reflect the collaboration of a number of different countries to retrieve this photo, the photo is the culmination of decades of work, thousands of team members, and so much data that it had to be physically shipped from around the world because the internet was too inefficient to relay the information. A pretty cool look at one of the universe’s most mind boggling phenomena, and just the start of our ability to understand them. You can read more about them at a pretty great New York Times article here.

And it’s a bit of an astronomical day today, with a pretty brilliant time lapse photo of our lovely Costa Rican sunset taken by Julio Chavarria, and a bit of beautiful light to go with the stunning darkness of the black hole photo.


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