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The Daily. Sunday, January 13th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Town Tips, Trailblazers, and Costa Rican Barbecue

A cooler morning, with temperatures rising throughout the day to the mid 80s in afternoon, a healthy eastern breeze around 12mph, and mostly clear skies. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s after dawn before rising slowly, peaking in the mid/high 80s around 3pm before falling off quickly as the sun sets. The breeze will be steady today from the east, and will hold relatively consistent around 12mph throughout the day. Out in the cove, the steady offshore breeze will keep the surf breaking smooth and clean, and the moderate swell will keep waves around 1-2 ft. On the trails, an early morning ride or hike today will be just the ticket, with tremendous visibility around sunrise and very pleasant temperatures.

A relatively relaxed schedule for this Las Catalinas Sunday, starting with Town Tips from the experts at the Beach Club at 9am, a great opportunity to learn about some interesting aspects of town that you may have never considered. From there, there will be another trip from Sunset Trailblazers this evening departing from Central at 4:45 pm, which should have excellent conditions considering the warm breeze that will be rolling through town.

For tonight’s special, Limonada will be hosting a Costa Rican barbecue, with grilled chicken, chorizo, and arrachera served alongside a selection of chimichurri, pico de gallo, and papa asada.

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