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In this Daily — Sunset in Las Catalinas

Sunny and clear throughout today, with a pleasant breeze starting in the morning and continuing until sunset, which should be tremendous this evening. Temperatures should start in the high 70s just after dawn before rising steadily to the mid 80s until mid afternoon, where they’ll fall off around dusk. The breeze should add a cooling factor throughout town, and is steady today from the east with a peak around nightfall. Out in the cove, the waves should be consistent between 1-2 feet, falling off a bit towards evening, with a low tide around 3pm.

The visibility, breeze, and temperatures right around the end of the day should be ideal today, perfect for the trifecta of sunset activities going on around town. On the beach, Limonada will be hosting their usual Sunset Happy Hour from 4-6, building into a hearty Sunday evening special for dinner. Meeting a little further down Paseo del Mar at the Beach Club for 4:30, yoga is livening up the other side of the clock from their usual dawn classes, and will be enjoying the end of the day with a sunset session. And finally, another edition of Sunset Trailblazers will be departing from Central at quarter to 5, to catch the setting sun over our coast from the best vantage point in town.

Altogether, an excellent selection of activities to wrap up a wonderful weekend as we head towards the new year.

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