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The Daily. Saturday, December 29th, 2018.

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In this Daily — a classic Las Catalinas day

Beautiful weather today, with sun all day among scattered clouds, temperatures in the mid 80s, and a breeze coming from the east throughout. Temperatures will start in the high 70s around sunrise and rise throughout the day, peaking mid afternoon before falling off for a beautiful sunset. The wind should start strong mid morning, before slowing over the course of the day and picking back up briefly around nighttime.  In the cove, a steady surf just under 2 feet should be pretty consistent throughout the day, with the tide falling throughout the morning and low tide at 2pm. On the trails, the light winds and moderate temperatures around sunrise will be perfect for a hike or a bike ride.

It’s one of the liveliest times of years around Las Catalinas, and you can really feel it everywhere you look. Whether it’s up around Central welcoming new friends to town, among the streets full of excited voices, down along the beach as interested crowds watch the families of howlers move through the trees, or out in the waves where everyone from the youngest to the oldest are enjoying the water, its easy to see why this is called the Festive season.

Not much on the formal schedule for the today aside from Limonada’s 4-6pm Sunset Happy Hour –just a classic Las Catalinas day wherever and however you choose to spend it.

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