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The Daily. Saturday, December 22nd, 2018.

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In this Daily — the Festive Season and the Ursids Meteor Shower

Pleasant temperatures and some scattered clouds throughout the day should make for an excellent beginning of the weekend. After a breezy evening the night before, temperatures will be down to the mid 70s around sunrise, and should rise slowly before peaking in the low 80s this afternoon. The wind will be low all day, around 4mph, before picking up around sunset, which should keep the swell out in the cove relatively even, around 2 ft rising a bit as the day goes on. Up on the trails, a lower dew point around 63F should make the effective heat very manageable, meaning a morning or afternoon trip will be just about right.

Town is lively this weekend as we approach the Christmas holiday, and the presence of friends both old and new can be felt all throughout Las Catalinas. Whether it’s at the tables out by Limonada, in the waves on Playa Danta and Dantita, in Plaza Central preparing to set out, or even just wandering the streets and the trails, there’s a positive energy that comes from full streets and the Festive season.

Also going on this weekend is the peak of the Ursids meteor shower. Usually ranging from December 17th to the 26th, the Ursids meteor shower can be seen in the general direction of Ursa Minor, putting off an output of about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. What better way to celebrate a magical season than with actual falling stars.

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