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The Daily. Monday, January 14th, 2019.

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In this Daily — The Las Catalinas Collection

A sunny and breezy day today, with temperatures peaking in the mid 80s at noon and a healthy breeze starting at midday. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s and rise quickly, peaking in the mid 80s at lunch time before tailing off to the low 80s around sunset. The breeze will be light at sunrise, picking up by lunch time and remaining steady and full throughout the day, with a bit of cloud cover around midday. Out in the cove, the steady offshore breeze from the east will keep the waves relatively moderate, averaging 1-2 feet with a high tide at 8am and a 2pm low tide. On the trails, conditions should be ideal in the first few hours after sunrise for a bike ride, and an evening hike will warm and pleasant with great visibility.

The big news today is the opening of the Las Catalinas Collection, a small shop in the Beach Club filled to bursting with Las Catalinas style.

Currently offering clothing, hats, jewelry, art and more, the Las Catalinas Collection beckons the opportunity to bring a little bit of town’s unique spirit and style into your life or the life of your loved ones, and it’s an exciting addition to town. More information to come soon, but for now, the Las Catalinas Collection has opened its doors!

Elsewhere in town today, this morning brought the usual HIIT and Flexibility class in the cool morning air, for which the conditions have been perfect the past few weeks. This evening Limonada will be hosting their Sunset Happy Hour, leading into tonight’s special, which will be Pizza Latina with chorizo, cilantro, fresh tomatoes & lime.

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