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A bright sunny day today with very few clouds in the sky, some excellent conditions to be outside especially in the morning and in late afternoon. Temperatures should peak in the mid 80s a little after lunch, trailing off towards sunset with a chance of showers, with an on-and-off breeze throughout the day peaking a bit over 10mph that should start from the northeast before flipping entirely mid afternoon to blow from the southwest. Humidity is expected to be around 70%, with a relatively mellow surf under 2ft and a rising tide throughout the morning, with high tide around 11:30am. Keep sunscreen applied and drink plenty of water and it should be a wonderful day.

As we reach the busiest time of the year, there’s a lot of aspects of Las Catalinas that can go unnoticed, one of which is the efforts to ensure that Las Catalinas is a sustainable community. As a growing town, there is a very concerted effort going on behind the scenes to ensure that Las Catalinas meets the existing Costa Rican standards for sustainability and conservation, and aims to set a new standard that can be an example to others. There are many aspects to these initiatives, which spread across fields of ecological conservation, sustainable community development, local community outreach, fire safety, water treatment, recycling, and more, and each plays a vital role in ensuring that Las Catalinas is a healthy contributor to both our local county and our country.

Today, we take a look at the Las Catalinas recycling program, which was recognized by the Municipality of Santa Cruz as the premier recycling program in the county. At the moment, the onsite waste management team collects all recyclable waste from various locations around town, where it is then sent to our onsite waste management station.

From there, the waste management team sorts and organizes the waste by type, before ultimately distributing it to a suitable location for next-stage recycling. It’s a successful system based off of international standards of recycling management, and the project is something that Las Catalinas takes a lot of pride in. Still, there is always room for improvement, and the waste management team is dedicated to constantly bettering the Las Catalinas recycling program and town’s other initiatives until town can be an example of a sustainable community not only to the county of Santa Cruz, but to the entirety of Costa Rica.

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