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The Daily. Friday, November 30th, 2018.

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Some milder temperatures today, starting in the mid 70s and only reaching around 80 over the course of the day thanks to some cloud cover around noon. There’s a slight chance of scattered showers a little bit after lunchtime, which should keep the weather cool and breezy heading into the evening, with a good chance of clear skies by sunset. The winds have picked back up today, peaking around 9mph and blowing out of the east, which combined with a very low swell should keep the water in the cove just about flat throughout the day. An excellent morning for a family trip to the beach or to try a new activity like paddle boarding or kayaking for the first time, with a slowly falling tide starting around 8am and reaching low tide around midafternoon.

Arrivals from quite a few guests and residents today, so expect a lively weekend all throughout Las Catalinas, with the trails and the beach full of new and old faces, and with the streets and squares alive with casual events, picnics, chance meetings, and good vibes. It’s a trend that should continue as we enter December and reach the end of the year, with town set to be entirely filled by the end of the month as Las Catalinas rounds out 2018 and welcomes the new year. The most important thing about town is the people in it — they provide the energy that makes town move, and they bring friendly personalities and new ideas to life here — so its always a good thing to welcome old and new friends to town.

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