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The Daily. Friday, January 4th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Meteor Showers, Howler Monkeys, and Friday Activities

A warm day today with a high in the mid 80s, an on and off breeze, and some clouds as we reach the evening. Temperatures will start in the high 70s before rising steadily throughout the morning and peaking around noon, where they’ll hold steady until around sunset. The breeze will be up and down throughout the day, bouncing between east and north and peaking in the middle of the morning around 12mph, but usually ranging around 6-8mph. In the cove, the winds won’t affect the surf much, leading to an average wave height between 1-2 feet throughout the day. Up on the trails, the cooler temperatures and breeze in the morning will make for a great hike.

Today also marks a pair of interesting astronomical events. The first actually occurred yesterday in the afternoon, with the earth reaching its perihelion point, the point at which the earth is at its closest to the sun. Every year we reach this point around January 3rd, with the opposite — the aphelion, or furthest point from the sun — occurring around the 4th of July.

Earth is also very close to the peak of the Quadrantids meteor shower┬átoday. One of the smaller meteor showers the occur throughout the year, the Quadrantids has a short but intense peak, during which up to 120 meteors an hour are visible in the night sky. We’re on the tail end now, but if you happen to find yourself in a low light area around 2am, take a look up at the night sky and you may spot one of the many shooting stars.

A lively Friday today, marked by the appearance of some howlers wandering the trees by Paseo del Mar enjoying the weather. This morning sees the Friday morning yoga class up at Casa Chameleon at 9am, another edition of the Sunset Trailblazers departing from Central at 4:30pm, and a Pool Movie Night up at the Beach Club. The special at Limonada today is a Tuna Poke with Jasmine Rice, Teriyaki Sauce, Avocado, and some assorted spices, a fresh touch to wind down the day.


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