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The Daily. Friday, December 7th, 2018.

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In this Daily — Anteaters, Rainbows, and a morning at the Las Catalinas waterfront

The weather was just about perfect early this morning, with the light showers of last night keeping the air cool and misty around sunrise, bringing with it another pair of tremendous rainbows around 7am. As the day goes on, expect temperatures to rise to the mid 80s with some strong winds continuing from the northeast, averaging a bit over 10mph pretty consistently throughout the day. Swell is expected to be relatively low, with waves around 1.5ft throughout the day, and the tide rising throughout the day until quarter to 3.

A busy day this morning at the Las Catalinas waterfront, with lots of activity from both human and non-human residents of town. With the onset of gold season, the parakeets have returned from their regional migrations and now fill the trees of town. You may not be able to see them easily due to their excellent camouflage, but they’re very social creatures and can be spotted and heard especially around dawn and dusk.

Also in the trees today — an anteater! Traditionally more commonly found further inland, this newcomer was spotted wandering the beachfront in the early hours of morning, and was a little easier to pick out than his feathered friends.

And finally, a lively bunch of Las Catalinas guests and residents gathered in the early hours of the morning for bike rides and HIIT training, before enjoying some coffee and snacks on the rocking chairs outside of Pura Vida Ride. In all, an excellent start to the weekend.


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