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Last night was so much fun.  We had multiple events going on around Town.  There was a carnival show by the beach in Limonada.  There was a beautiful setup next to a small bonfire with a smore table.   The restaurant was humming the entire evening, kids were free and having fun.

Down in Plaza Escondido we had Don Arturo playing for a group of adults and teens.  There were a few dozen people down in the plaza having a good time.  Then one by one, the neighboring homes to the plaza began opening their windows to enjoy the music.  A few people came out on their terraces and became part of the scene.

The front drive up @Central was buys with people arriving and departing.  The Sentido Norte was busy the whole night, and a number of private dinners were going on throughout the town.  We spent much of the evening just walking the streets of Town enjoying the ambiance.   The place is magic.

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