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The Daily. Friday, December 28th, 2018.

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In this Daily — Beach Activities and the Meraki Market

A sunny and breezy day today, starting relatively cool in the morning and heating up as we hit the afternoon. Temperatures should be in the high 70s to start the day and look to rise slowly, hitting the mid 80s by mid afternoon before falling off. There will be a healthy breeze on and off throughout the day today as well, peaking around lunchtime around 12mph but mostly hanging around 8mph. Out in the cove, the waves should be calm today, averaging around 1ft for the most part and peaking around mid afternoon during the rising tide. On the trails, the cool temperatures just after dawn and the gentle breeze make a morning hike or bike ride the best time to be out.

A full day of interesting beach activities today, starting with a Yoga Class just after dawn down by the beachfront. A few hours later, Limonada is hosting a bracelet-making workshop, a longtime favorite for building personal mementos of Las Catalinas. And finally, in the evening, the Beach Club will be hosting a pool movie night at 6:30.

One particular highlight will be in the afternoon, as Limonada will be hosting the Meraki Market, a special event featuring personalized dishes from the members of the Las Catalinas culinary community. Meraki is an originally greek word, which is used in modern times to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — or putting “something of yourself” into what your work. It’s a concept that fits right in with the way of life in Las Catalinas, and the Market should be an excellent chance to taste the passion and creativity of some of the colorful and interesting chefs around town.

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