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Architecture and Urbanism
22 October, 2017

Made in Las Catalinas: The Woodshop

There’s no better way to make a house a home in Las Catalinas than by creating bespoke handcrafted furnishings at the community’s on-site Woodshop. Here residents can have one-of-a-kind fixtures designed and built by skilled carpenters using some of Costa Rica’s finest reforested wood. Filled with the smell of fresh sawdust and populated by…
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Life in TownNews
11 September, 2017

Las Catalinas on the Cover of Travel and Leisure!

Yes, that is our very own swim dock on the cover of Travel and Leisure Magazine, along with many nice mentions in the article itself, which is by Adam Leith Gollner. Brian Funcik and Estafania Pignani on the cover!  Esteban Vargas ("hyperfit!") of Pura Vida Ride and our architect Juan Carlos Avelar quoted extensively!…
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Life in TownThe Trailblazer
6 June, 2017

Happy Anniversary, Pura Vida Ride!

We have just passed the sixth anniversary of the opening of Pura Vida Ride, our wonderful outfitter/bike shop/boutique/coffee shop/general store.  Happy Anniversary, Pura Vida Ride!  You have been a huge contributor to our town since the very beginning.  Your opening date in 2011 also pretty well marks the beginning of Las Catalinas being up…
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Architecture and UrbanismLife in TownNews
20 March, 2017

Critical Mass and Goals Met

"The town will make the setting more beautiful. And the setting will make the town more beautiful. This is truly how it ought to be." - Las Catalinas unveiling presentation, March 2010. Long ago we dedicated ourselves to a goal of having 100 properties sold and six retail businesses operating in our town.  We…
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Life in TownNewsThe Trailblazer
28 February, 2017

“The Best Off-road Triathlon in the World”

  This year's triathlon was the best ever, by far.  From the moonlit preparations for the swim, to the triathlon itself, to the open water swim events, to the afternoon kids races, to the evening awards ceremony, it was a magical day.  The video above captures it very well. Thanks to the Guanaride team…
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NewsThe Trailblazer
18 January, 2017

Peloton Magazine on Las Catalinas

Here is a great article about riding, eating, drinking coffee, and doing yoga at Las Catalinas. Published in Peloton Magazine, a beautiful cycling magazine. Las Catalinas, Peloton Magazine
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Architecture and UrbanismLife in TownNewsState of the Union
17 January, 2017

Las Catalinas State of the Union, January 2017

(This went out as a newsletter to our Las Catalinas mailing list today) Dear Friend of Las Catalinas, In the past year I think many of us at Las Catalinas have begun to more greatly appreciate the importance of what we are doing.  Our purpose is to create a better way to live, one…
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