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Naming First Places at Las Catalinas

By 22 March, 2010 No Comments
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Please help us name the first places at Las Catalinas.   Here are some finalist names for some of the first places we are creating.   Please vote, and tell your friends to vote!   Feel free to suggest new names as well.   I’m not saying we will necessarily go with the top vote-getters here.   But likely we will and in any case this will be good input.   Thanks!

(PS – you have to click “Vote” on each question – sort of awkward but that’s how this poll gizmo works.)

[polldaddy poll=2933190] [polldaddy poll=2917146] [polldaddy poll=2933044] [polldaddy poll=2933044] [polldaddy poll=2933056] [polldaddy poll=2933066] [polldaddy poll=2933095] [polldaddy poll=2933111] 

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