Made in Las Catalinas: The Woodshop

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There’s no better way to make a house a home in Las Catalinas than by creating bespoke handcrafted furnishings at the community’s on-site Woodshop. Here residents can have one-of-a-kind fixtures designed and built by skilled carpenters using some of Costa Rica’s finest reforested wood.

Filled with the smell of fresh sawdust and populated by over 45 craftsmen, the Woodshop is where a home’s creative interiors come to life. Everything from furniture, cabinets, closets, hardwood floors, moldings, baseboards, doors, and window frames are shaped by the hands of dedicated local experts.

While carpenters are available for consulting, many homeowners come equipped with furniture specs, magazine photos and even hand-drawn designs on cocktail napkins. The talented artisans are able to translate the owners’ distinctive vision into beautiful pieces of custom woodwork that satisfy their specific needs.

Las Catalinas is a town designed and outfitted unlike any other, thus it’s only natural that each residence should have unique interiors that express every owner’s personality and design aesthetic – and at the Woodshop one’s imagination is the only limitation.

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