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Luxury Homes in Costa Rica Deserve Luxurious Surroundings

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Fabulous amenities, warm weather, comfortable surroundings. These are just a few of the many benefits of calling our fair town your home. However, one of the best parts of Costa Rica comes from mother nature. With a little help from us, of course. For truly living it up, those seeking to live in luxury homes in Costa Rica also desire luxurious surroundings.

A Beautiful Canvas of Nature

Of course, we’re talking about flowers. Every day, gardens in town are splashed by the liveliest of colors. Evaristo, Efrain, Erick, Roberto and the rest of the gardening team love sharing their endless knowledge about of these tropical beauties.

Many of these blooms can be found in markets, flower shops and plant nurseries near and far. Because most of our local flora are native to the area they adapt naturally to all seasons. As a result, you’ll see gorgeous blooms all year round.

These are some of the flowers found in the gardens all year round.

01-Red Ginger

Alpinia purpurata

Also called ostrich plume, cone ginger

Native to: Malaysia

02-Blue Sky Thunbergia

Thunbergia grandiflora

Also called Blue Sky Vine, Blue Trumpet Vine

Native to: China, India, Nepal, Indochina and Burma


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Also called China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus

Native to warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world.


Allamanda cathartica

Also called Yellow trumpet vine

Native to: The Americas, from Mexico to Argentina.

05-Blue Plumbago

Plumbago auriculata

Also called: Imperial blue plumbago, Cape plumbago, Cape leadwort

Native to South Africa

06-Yellow walking iris

Neomarica caerulea

Also called Apostle’s iris, Apostle plant 

Native to Mexico, Central and South America, and Trinidad & Tobago.

07-Orange gyro heliconia

Heliconia latispatha

Also called Orange Gyro Lobster Claw

Native to Southern Mexico, Central America and northern South America, Florida and Jamaica

08-Peacock flower

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Also called: Mexican bird of paradise, dwarf poinciana, pride of Barbados, flamboyant-de-jardin.

Native to the tropics and subtropics of the Americas and the West Indies


Russelia equisetiformis

Also called: Firecracker plant, coral plant, fountain plant

Native to Mexico and Guatemala


Jasminum nitidum

Also called Windmill jasmine, shining jasmine, star jasmine, pinwheel jasmine

Native to: Papua New Guinea’s Admiralty Islands.



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