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The Daily. Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

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There’s a gentle sea breeze all throughout Las Catalinas today, even up by Plaza Central, coming from a combination of slow, heavy surf and the light winds coming straight off of the water. Walking along the streets the air feels warm and full, with humidity around 80% and temperature hanging in the high 70s, and no matter where you are in town you can sense the presence of our big blue neighbor.

I find that days like this are a pleasant reminder that in the heart of Las Catalinas the sea is always just a little walk away. Early morning was perfect for snorkeling or paddle boarding, with cooler temperatures and heavier air driving fish towards the surface, and as the heat of the day subsides this afternoon expect to see those conditions return. For now though, it’s a great time to find a spot of shade by the shore and read a good book!

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