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Some moderate weather today, with temperatures floating in the high 70s, light winds coming from the east, middling humidity around 75%, and surf peaking a little over 3ft but averaging around 2ft throughout the day. The morning will be an excellent time to be either out on the trails or in the water, with the rising tide and well-packed trails lending themselves to any of Las Catalinas’s outdoor activities, but expect some showers throughout the afternoon starting a little after lunch, trailing off around sunset.

This week brings with it the completion of another home — 5 Calle Cartagena. Located just across the bridge into the neighborhood, the house is white with blue framing, and has a subtle attention to detail aimed at creating a truly beautiful and livable space.

There’s a careful blend of wood and stone detailing on the house that can be seen on both interior and exterior. The rounded wooden columns that help support the house are unique in that they were not machine-carved but rather handmade on a lathe out of a single piece of wood by local craftsmen. The tiling on the outside, particularly some of the staircases, combines wood in pattern with stone, all custom made as well.

The inside of 5 Calle Cartagena is designed to live well, and makes excellent use of space to ensure that no square foot is wasted. The house is very open on the inside, with an interior courtyard and a pool terrace besides, and feels like a house twice the size. Add to this a well-designed system of natural ventilation that would make 5 Calle Cartagena livable even with modern air conditioning, and the place feels like home as soon as you step in the door.

At the moment 5 Calle Cartagena is free standing, but it marks a step forward in the vision of the neighborhood. Inspired by Cartagena, Colombia, the calle will have wooden balconies on the homes along its entirety, adding a second level to the street and creating a lively environment where homeowners, visitors, and passersby can socialize. It’s a new take on a classical design, and each new house will bring more life to the area.

Altogether an excellent addition to town, and a continuing sign that Las Catalinas is growing. Congratulations to the homeowners!

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