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The Daily. Wednesday, January 9th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Morning Fitness, Mixology, and a Costa Rican Special

A cooler morning with lighter winds today, with highs in the low 80s later this afternoon and a bit of cloud cover. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s at sunrise and climb slowly, peaking around 84 in late afternoon before falling off towards sunset. The breeze will be relatively light, under 10mph for the whole day, and relatively consistent out of the east/northeast. Out in the cove, the waves will be middling, between 1-2 feet throughout the day, with a slow-breaking surf thanks to some offshore winds, and a low tide at 10:51am. On the trails, the cool temperatures and the breeze will be ideal during the morning, and the moderate temperatures throughout the day will be excellent for a dawn or dusk bike or hike.

Lively across town today, with a pair of morning fitness activities going, each suited to a different level of intensity. At 7am, pictured above, High Intensity Interval Training went on down in the Yoga Pavilion and spilled out onto the pull-up bars and beach volleyball court, leaving all participants tired but satisfied. Later in the morning at 9am, Casa Chameleon will be hosting their Wednesday Yoga class, for a more thoughtful and deliberate form of exercise.

Later in the afternoon, Casa Chameleon will be hosting their Mixology Class to help teach some of the unique cocktails and mixes to the Guanacaste region, and in the evening, Limonada will be hosting their Sunset Happy Hour followed by their special for tonight — Costa Rican Rice with Clams, Shrimp, and Octopus, and a side of plantain chips and fresh salad.

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