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A warm and breezy day today, with temperatures starting in the low 80s and rising to the mid 80s by lunch. The wind should be steady throughout the day out of the northeast, shifting to the east by late afternoon, holding a bit over 10mph. This will help keep things a bit cooler in town, particularly on the trails on the far side of the ridge by town. In town, swell should be 2ft+ throughout the day as we continue to see those strong Pacific winds from this weekend, which will be quite the ride for more experienced body surfers and boogie boarders. Visibility is excellent today as well, reaching to the horizon in every direction, which should mean some excellent views from the heights of the trails today, especially around sunset.

Some more Santarena Hotel updates today. As of time of writing, the North face of the hotel is completely finished with construction, and now only needs its coat of paint and some very slight finishing before it’s considered done.

Fittingly, as we draw closer to the hotel’s opening in February, the Santarena Hotel has gone social, recently launching both a Facebook page and Instagram Account. If you’re interested in keeping up with Santarena as it draws closer to launch, those locations will be a great place to do so.

Last week we discussed the cobblestones that are going to be laid down outside of the Santarena, but there is another aspect to the streets around the hotel that is interesting. Currently, there are three main types of hardscape (the material that makes up the streets) in Las Catalinas:  the Cantera Stone blocks, red-brown bricks, and cobblestone, each of which bring their own style and character to the street.

Up until now, areas of town have usually been characterized by a mix of one or two forms of hardscape, but the area around Santarena will be the first place where all three forms of hardscape are present, as Calle La Ronda, Calle Danta, and Plaza Danta meet. It’s fitting for a location that promises to be one of the new hubs of town to, very literally, be a place where all roads meet.


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