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The Daily. Wednesday, December 26th, 2018.

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In this Daily — Santa Claus arrives in Las Catalinas

A warm and breezy Boxing Day today, with sun all throughout the day and a consistent wind from the east. Temperatures should start in the high 70s just after sunrise and climb quickly, reaching the mid 80s by lunch and staying relatively consistent throughout the afternoon, before dropping swiftly right before sunset. The wind will start a little over 10mph, dropping off around midday and settling in to a steady breeze in the evening. Out in the cove, the waves should be relatively consistent, averaging a little over a foot throughout the day and breaking slowly thanks to the offshore wind. On the trails, the lower temperatures between sunrise and 9am, and between 3pm and sunset around 5:30 should be ideal for a ride or a hike.

A huge surprise yesterday, as Las Catalinas was visited by Papa Noel himself, Santa Claus! Turns out he was ready for a Costa Rican vacation after a hard year of work up in the snowy North Pole. However, he’s still quite the giver, and before he settled in to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation, he made a trip to all of the houses in Las Catalinas to deliver candy and treats to the children and families of Las Catalinas. Thanks for a great Christmas, Santa, and hope to see you next year!

And so things return to normal around Las Catalinas, as town looks forward to the end of 2018 and the New Year ahead. The rest of the week should be filled with a number of different daily events, and today is no different. In fitness and wellness, this morning featured a yoga class starting from the Beach Club and our HIIT class in the yoga pavilion. On the side of cocktails and culinary, there will be a mixology class this afternoon at Casa Chameleon, followed up by sunset happy hour at Limonada to wrap up the day.

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