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More warm, sunny weather today as town begins to feel the effects of the oncoming summer, with temperatures in the low 80s, a very light breeze coming from the East, moderate humidity around 80%, and a very low surf projected around 1ft and below. An excellent morning for a trip out into the bay, with a few showers expected later in the evening that should cool off the trails for an afternoon hike or bike ride.

TRI Las Catalinas 2018

The big news for today is that registration has officially begun for TRI Las Catalinas, town’s annual triathlon, which will take place on Saturday, February 9 of next year. It’s one of the biggest events in town, welcoming competitors from around the world and featuring some of the best in the business when it comes to the off road format (which includes swimming, trail running, and mountain biking). In fact, last year’s TRI winner Rom Akerson went on to take the world title in off road triathlons just a few weeks ago at the XTerra World Championship, finishing the near 45km race in less than 3 hours.

The Las Catalinas TRI takes place on 35km of the town’s trails, beach, and bay, beginning with a 1200m swim, followed by a 24km bike ride, and ending with a 9km run that finishes in the center of town. There are categories for men and women and age brackets starting at 18-29 and ranging all of the way up to 60+, as well as a Junior Division run in the afternoon, and an Open Water swimming competition taking place the same day.

Town will be lively for everyone from competitors to casual fans the whole weekend, with a community dinner the night before, activities on the beachfront all day as the event happens, and a final celebration at the end of the day Saturday to recognize winners of the TRI, Open Water swims, and Kids race.

Interested in signing up for the event? Click here to find more information and register. Website is in Spanish, translate to English in upper righthand corner.

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