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The Daily. Tuesday, January 1st, 2019.

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In this Daily — It’s a New Year in Las Catalinas!

Warm and sunny to open 2019 in Las Catalinas, with a strong breeze from the northeast and clear skies all day. The temperatures will start in the high 70s just after dawn and rise quickly throughout the day, peaking in the mid 80s and falling off around 4pm back to the low 80s for sunset. There will be a relatively consistent breeze today as well, peaking mid morning and very slowly falling off by dusk. In the cove, the swell should be up and down between 1 and 2 feet throughout the day, broken up a bit by the offshore breeze, with a high tide at 9:45, falling to low by a little before 4. On the trails, a dew point down around 65 means that the air should feel just a bit dryer than in the past week or so, meaning that the morning and evening air will be crisp and pleasant.

It’s a New Year in Las Catalinas! There were celebrations and fireworks and lights last night, and this morning the sun rose to welcome in the first day of 2019. Town is still a bit quiet, with a lot of our town members sleeping in after a full night of celebrations yesterday evening, but life never really stops at Las Catalinas, and there is still quite a bit going on today. This morning saw the 8:15 functional fitness class roll on in a beautiful sunrise up at Casa Chameleon, and this evening brings with it a number of lively sunset and evening activities. Sunset Happy Hour and the specials at Limonada are on as usual, and today brings with it another edition of Sunset Trailblazers leaving from Central at 4pm as well as live music up at Sentido Norte from 6pm. Weather around sunset should be ideal too, with visibility at a maximum and clear skies in every direction.

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