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The Daily. Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Sunrise Fitness and Sunset Activities

A warm and sunny day today, with temperatures and wind both increasing slightly throughout the day and some scattered clouds in the morning. Temperatures will start in the high 70s around dawn and rise slowly over the course of the morning, peaking in the mid 80s around 3pm before falling off around sunset. A relatively light breeze in the morning will pick up as the day goes on, peaking around 12 mph during sunset, and there will be a few scattered clouds between 9 and noon. Out in the cove, the waves will be lively today, averaging between 1-2 feet with some heavier waves over the course of the day, good for boogie boarding or body surfing, especially with water temp around 82. On the trails, the cooler conditions until about 10am and the breeze that will pick up around sunset should be ideal for a hike or bike ride.

Sunrise and sunset are particular favorite times around Las Catalinas, with pleasant temperatures, gentler winds, and the colors of the sky¬†adding a certain mystical quality to life. Today is no different, with a selection of sunset activities going on both in the morning and the evening. In the morning, Casa Chameleon will be hosting their 8:30am Functional Fitness class up on the hill at their pavilion. And then in the evening, Sunset Trailblazers will be departing from Central at 4pm, to catch some of the best views in town. Later, two more options — up on the top of the hill Sentido Norte will be hosting live music from 6pm onward, and down at Limonada the special tonight will be a trio of tacos, with roasted pork, smoked cheese, and pickled onions.

Tomorrow morning at 7am in the Yoga Pavilion by Plaza Danta, there will be a HIIT and Flexibility fitness class and a 9am Yoga class up at Casa Chameleon, providing a pair of excellent options for some early morning wellness.

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