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It’s a beautiful morning! After a covered afternoon yesterday with a heavy shower late afternoon, this early morning was quite cool and with breeze (even a little bit chilly for Guanacaste standards). Zapotal valley was completely covered by low fog below the hills just after sunrise… for anyone out on an early bike ride in the area, it must have been a very scenic one! Sunrise today was at 5.33am, and the colours in the sky were fantastic. How worth is it to start the day then! Lovely skies, the calm, cool temperature, different views and sounds.

Skies are now very blue with interesting and varied types of clouds. The sun is warming up the day gradually, with temperatures to range between the low and mid 80s throughout the day . The sea will have today a little more waves than the past days, and there is also slightly more wind expected. Today’s sunset is at 5.49pm, almost at the same time as tide will be at its lowest, inviting for a sunset promenade along the beaches.

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