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The Daily. Thursday, January 3rd, 2019.

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In this Daily — 11 Calle Cartagena

Another warm and sunny day today with a high in the mid 80s, and a steady breeze throughout the day. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s before dawn and rise slowly, peaking in the mid 80s in the afternoon before falling off to the high 70s after sunset. The breeze will be relatively consistent today as well, starting from the east with a few deviations from the northeast, and steady at a little over 10mph. Out in the cove, the waves should be mild, averaging a little over a foot throughout the day, with a high tide right around 1pm. On the trails, the breeze and milder temperatures throughout the morning should be pleasant for both a bike ride and a hike.

The first completed home of the new year has been delivered today, the residence at 11 Calle Cartagena. The off-white, two story home sports 3.5 bedrooms, and looks out over the Beach Club and the cove just one house down from Plaza Celaje.

There’s a lot to talk about with 11 Calle Cartagena, including one very interesting aspect of the home: all of the architecture work was done by the family who will be moving in. Over the course of a year and a half, one of the owners — a specialist in modernist architecture — worked with the Las Catalinas architecture team to learn the stylings of town’s unique traditional architecture, ultimately creating a beautiful home and an excellent addition to the neighborhood.

Much of the home’s beauty comes from the unique personal touches throughout. The pool terrace is entirely custom-designed and hosts a hand-carved wooden railing with starfish cutouts, creating interesting shadows on the pool throughout the day. To suit younger visitors to the house, the floor is made out of coralina stone, the same found among the bases of homes in Paseo El Mar, which provides a soft texture for walking barefoot and helps prevent slipping. And of course, the home has been adapted for an expansive view of town and the ocean. In all, the home is a lively and unique addition to a growing neighborhood.

In addition to the house, there is a diverse set of events going on in town today. Casa Chameleon will be hosting a Tortilla Making class in the morning, as well as their usual Thursday night Sunset Beats this evening, and Limonada will be hosting their Sunset Happy Hour leading into the special for tonight, which will be Seafood Papardelle.

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