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Warm weather and blue skies throughout today, with a few clouds around sunrise and a steady wind out of the east. Temperatures will start in the high 70s around dawn before rising in steps to a peak in the mid/high 80s around 3pm, before falling off. A steady breeze out of the east throughout the day as well, staying very consistent just under 10mph. Out in the cove there will be a healthy surf between 1-2 feet, with the tide rising from 9am until a high tide mid afternoon. On the trails, the breezy conditions around sunrise will be the best time to be out hiking and biking.

Today at 9am in the Beach Club, two Las Catalinas experts will be hosting a town talk about how to get the most out of your visit. With years at Las Catalinas and decades of experience all across the world, Edvaldo Britto and Andrea Arroyo are especially skilled at helping guests fill their vacations with unique activities and meaningful moments, and they’ll be sharing all of their expertise in the form of town tips, suggested events and excursions, hidden gems, and other helpful advice. Definitely a great event to take part in for everyone from first time guests to long term residents. And if you miss this one, don’t worry, as there will certainly be more in the future.

After the town talk, the day will be relatively free to take advantage of any new tips and ideas from the meeting, with excellent weather setting the stage for a beautiful Sunday in Las Catalinas. This evening in Limonada, the special will be Grilled Octopus and assorted Vegetables.


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