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AirBnB Costa Rica, Oceanview AirBnB, Infinity Pool AirBnB

In this Daily: Finding Your Infinity Pool, Your Ocean View, and More with AirBnB in Las Catalinas

For travelers searching for AirBnB’s in Costa Rica, there are now a number of options in Las Catalinas, ranging from one bedroom studios up to seven bedroom villas, with features like ocean views, infinity pools, beachfront access, and ride-in/ride-out on multiple levels to enhance the experience. 

AirBnB Costa Rica, Oceanview AirBnB, Infinity Pool AirBnB

Many of the homes in Las Catalinas are now available to rent on AirBnB, which opens up a new channel through which town can be discovered, offers a slightly different angle on staying in Las Catalinas, and also opens the door to a number of new offerings and experiences around town in the future. 

The end result for all will be the same: more people from around the world staying in Las Catalinas. 


An Addition to the Marketplace

Right now in town, there are a number of ways to book a vacation home in Las Catalinas. There are many travel agencies and channels that currently offer Las Catalinas homes in their inventory, like Luxury Retreats. It’s possible to book homes in town directly directly online with Las Catalinas. You can also call the front desk from anywhere in the world to reach the Beach Town Travel team, travel advisor experts who can help with every part of your stay in town.

AirBnB Costa Rica, Oceanview AirBnB, Infinity Pool AirBnB

However, for potential new visitors to town that may have never heard of Las Catalinas, AirBnB is a familiar format used all around the world, and one that can bring new and interesting people to town. 

The AirBnB model actually captures the spirit of town very well. As part of their mission, AirBnB’s goal is to bring travelers to homes with character, friendly hosts, and an interesting history, which fits right in with the goals of town. In Las Catalinas, each flat and home is specifically built to fit the needs and have a clear identity, which AirBnB embraces and shares with the world. 

As a whole, it helps reinforce the fact that Las Catalinas is a living, breathing town full of people, homeowners, and interesting shops, rather than a resort.


Infinity Pools, Ocean Views, Experiences: The Functionality 

Right now, many homes in town are available to be searched through AirBnB’s portal, which puts an emphasis on features and comparability between homes. For potential new guests searching in the area for that perfect ocean view villa, looking for an infinity pool in a home, in need of a BBQ grill, or desiring any of a number of other features, Las Catalinas homes will show up in the search. 

AirBnB Costa Rica, Oceanview AirBnB, Infinity Pool AirBnB

From there, guests are able to compare and contrast a number of homes from Las Catalinas and beyond in-app, before deciding on the flat, home, or villa for them. It’s a powerful marketplace to be a part of. 

There is more to the AirBnB functionality as well. Recently, AirBnB has launched their “Experiences” and “Dining” sections, aiming to provide guests with everything that they need for a stay in town. For those who know town, the best option for booking experiences is always to go through Concierge, but through these two new channels, it might be possible new visitors to find town without ever having heard the words “Las Catalinas”.

New visitors could conceivably come to town to forage with Chef Gilberto, sail along the coast on a Citizen Science Catamaran with ConnectOcean, or dine in style at Ponciana, only to discover that there’s a whole town to visit and explore. 
AirBnB Costa Rica, Oceanview AirBnB, Infinity Pool AirBnB

Town is great when there are more people in it, and AirBnB represents yet another way to share Las Catalinas with new people around the world.

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