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Abriendo Mentes, Costa Rican Independence Day, Playa Potrero Costa Rica

In this Daily: A Look at Happenings and Developments in Playa Potrero and Beyond This Weekend

Today, we take a look at the new additions to Playa Potrero as well as a few events going on in the surrounding areas. 

A stylish barber shop has opened up next to the Potrero soccer field, there’s a new rotisserie shop just outside of MerKdo, and there are new coaches and planned renovations to CrossFit Surfside down the road. The area will also be very lively this weekend with the Flamingo Marathon on Saturday morning, the 4th annual Chili Cook Off and Beer Fest at the Costa Rica Sailing Center later that afternoon, and a Día de la Independencia lantern parade sponsored by the Civic Center and Abriendo Mentes. 

Abriendo Mentes, Costa Rican Independence Day, Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Abriendo Mentes Students Painting the Welcome Sign to Potrero

A New Café and Barber Shop to Playa Potrero, Costa Rica


We start at the strip just north of the Potrero football field, where El Chiquitico Barber Shop has recently opened. A stylish barber shop emphasizing sleek and modern styles, El Chiquitico offers hair and beard styling for men, cuts and braiding for women, and also provides cupping therapy. 

Playa Potrero Costa Rica, Barber Shop Costa Rica, Guanacaste

El Chiquitico is a more formal addition to the hairstyling scene in the area, which currently also includes the local barber shop next to Ceymi and Libélula Lounge’s Sunday Cuts and Cocktails

Playa Potrero Costa Rica, Street Food, Rotisserie Chicken

Head Chef Yeison Opening La Rotisserie. PC: MerKdo

Further down the road on the Surfside strip, MerKdo has opened La Rotisserie, a streetside shop serving chicken and roast pork. Pictured above is head chef Yeison, a familiar face to any who have shopped at MerKdo in the past. When asked about his vision for the shop, he answered “just good, fresh, delicious food.” A new spot for a quick bite when heading through town.

HIIT, CrossFit Costa Rica, Playa Potrero Costa Rica

Morning FIT Class at CrossFit Surfside. PC: CFS Facebook

Further down the road, there’s new management and planned renovations at CrossFit Surfside. Since the box moved from Tamarindo to its current home on Calle Mariposa  in Surfside in July 2017, CrossFit Surfside has been a steady presence in town. There’s an outdoor atmosphere, a strong community, and a welcoming vibe. 

New general manager Curtis Rattray has described the process ahead as one one of steady progress and growth. He and his team have a vision to keep the soul of CrossFit Surfside, improve the equipment and space in every way that they can, and turn the gym into a place where visitors from all around the world can travel to workout. There’s a rich culture of travel among CrossFitters, and Rattray believes that Guanacaste can become one of many sought after destinations for these visiting athletes. 

CrossFit Costa Rica, Playa Potrero Costa Rica

CrossFit Surfside Before an Evening Class

Changes so far have been incremental, welcome improvements and renovations. New dumbells and boxes have replaced older or missing equipment. The entire gym was recently repainted, featuring new colorful reference points like wall ball lines. There have also been changes to class schedules, like new FIT classes and customized weekly programming. 

Another major addition has been new coaches. In partnership with affiliate Clermont CrossFit in Florida, there will be a steady stream of visiting coaches throughout the year, and there has also been one addition to the permanent coaching staff. Fernanda (or Fern for short), joined the team this month, and brings experience from the highest level of CrossFit competition, the CrossFit Games. 

New equipment, new gym space, new coaches, and new class offerings, with a vision for continued growth in the future. Fun progress for fitness in the area. 

Events Around Playa Potrero This Weekend

There are also three major events around Playa Potrero that are worth mentioning. The first is the Flamingo Beach Marathon tomorrow morning, which we discussed in The Daily last week. 

Following the marathon, the Costa Rica Sailing Center will be hosting their 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off and Beer Festival starting at 3pm. Just afterward at 6:30pm, there will be a Desfile de Faroles (a lantern parade) celebrating Costa Rican Independence Day by the Potrero soccer field. 

Playa Potrero, Costa Rica Sailing Center, Chili Cook Off, Craft Beer

The 2018 Chili Cook Off PC: Costa Rican Sailing Center

The Sailing Center’s Chili-Cook off has become a favorite event for residents of Potrero and Surfside in the 4 years since its inception. 

As Justin, the manager of the Sailing Center tells it, the event has an interesting origin story. Conceived as a goofy option for the residents of the area, the day of the first Cook-Off brought a big storm just before start time. With power out in town and a nearly flooded beachfront, the Sailing Center team were about to write off the event as a wash when a steady stream of locals began to file in. 

Undeterred by the mud and the rain, competitors and tasters alike filed with their crock pots in hand ready to enjoy the event. Just as start time hit, the power returned, the band began to play, and the Cook-Off commenced in full force. 

Since then, the event has grown, and now includes a wide variety of chilis ranging from meat lovers to vegan and everything between. There are also friendly competitions like a jalapeño eating contest, and this year there will be a number of craft breweries from around the country providing beverages. To learn more, check out the event page here

Abriendo Mentes, Playa Potrero Costa Rica, Desfile de Faroles

PC: Abriendo Mentes Facebook Page

Finally, tomorrow night Abriendo Mentes and el Comité Civico de Potrero will be hosting un Desfile de Faroles, a lantern parade in honor of Día de la Independencia on Sunday. 

As one version of the story goes, on the night of Central American independence, a Guatemalan woman named María Dolores Bedoya ventured out into the night to rally the people Antigua to call for independence. The Guatemalan congress was meeting to discuss the situation of Central American Independence, and the legend says that the people of Guatemala paraded in the streets with lanterns calling for independence, long into the night, followed by the vote for Central American independence the next day, September the 15th. 

Costa Rican Independence Day, Playa Potrero, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Día de la Independencía Parade. PC: Commons

Costa Rican Independence Day, Desfile de Faroles, Día de la Independencia

Día de la Independencía Parade. PC: Commons

As a result, it is a tradition in Costa Rica to parade around with lanterns and play music the night of September 14th, which calls back to that first walk calling for Independence. Children and adults construct faroles of all shapes and sizes and parade throughout the cities of Costa Rica, celebrating tico pride and Independence. 

The event is a great local way to celebrate Costa Rican Independence Day, and enjoy the music, food, and dancing that follow. 

Have a great weekend. 

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