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Costa Rica regularly shows up at the top of the happiness scale compared to other countries, and very close to Las Catalinas is the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the five regions in the world known as blue zones, where a large part of the population lives to 100 (and more with great dynamism and spirit). This Huffington post article explores Why Costa Rica is one the happiest countries in the world. Some things that seem to be always present in studies about happiness index and blue zones are being physical active, having significant social relations, being connected to others who you enjoy spending time with and connected to nature in different ways, which we truly hope you can naturally relate to while in town.

Today we have an overcast day, temperatures will be at low 80s during the day. There are light showers coming and going, and it seems there can be a stronger shower later on. With less sunlight, the green tones in the mountains look richer, and there is now even a little fog at the base of hills. Against a darker sky the ocean has different colors and you can see rain far away. Beautiful views in a scenery that is constantly changing. With rain not being cold, days like this are still so inviting for living the outdoors… a swim in the ocean, a personal moment of calm on a platform out in the trails, a bike ride, a hike.

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