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After a good rain during the night, this morning has been cool, with a lovely fresh breeze. Throughout the day we will have a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the high 70s early morning and late afternoon, and from low to mid 80s closer to midday. With water temperature at an average 85°F. Sunrise today was at 5.32am, almost at the same time as the first high tide and sunset today will be at 5.34pm, just 10 minutes after the day’s 2nd high tide. First low tide is at 11.19am, and the second will be close to midnight.

Today will be a fun Saturday afternoon at Plaza Central with a varied mix of arrivals to town: Friends old and new, first time guests, guests that have visited before and that come often, friends and family of home owners, and also people that will be joining Las Catalinas team soon. Every arrival is special and different. I always enjoy watching the reaction of people visiting for the first time, who maybe just saw a picture of the house they will be staying at and nothing else, and then there is the reaction of people that have not been here for some years, months, weeks or days who always see changes: A completely new street, plaza, retail outlet, building or house, a construction which they saw the structure for where now construction team is working on the wooden roof, or a lush green mountain where they had seen golden hills in the dry season. Welcome to town!

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