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The weekend starts with a rising tide, starting low just before sunrise and reaching high tide just before lunch at 11am. The waves will follow a similar pattern, peaking around 2-3 feet just as the water is at its highest before subsiding as the tide recedes in the evening. It will be an excellent day to spend time in the water in the morning, grab a bite to eat at Copper & Stone for lunch, and then head back down to the beach for sunset and a walk along the shore.


This weekend also brings with it the completion of two vital walkways — the sidewalk from Central to Camino Flats, and the ramp heading into Plaza Carlota — each of which has its own significance to town. The sidewalk from Central to Camino Flats helps connect Copper & Stone and the surrounding apartments to the rest of town, and it is also the first walkway to be built with the consideration of shopping carts.

As for the ramp into Plaza Carlota, this walkway marks the last piece of construction on the area, meaning that aside from a few finishing touches Plaza Carlota joins the list of Las Catalinas’ completed neighborhoods. It’s always great to see projects finished up and added to town, even something as simple as a walkway. Each one helps town feel more full and vibrant, and marks the sign of new growth able to begin.

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