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The Daily. Monday, January 7th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Beach Soccer, Functional Fitness, and Pizza

Very pleasant weather today, with temperatures in the mid/low 80s throughout the day and a nice breeze from the northeast. Temperatures will start in the mid 70s at dawn and rise slowly throughout the morning, peaking in the afternoon before falling off back to low 80s as the evening arrives. The wind will start relatively strong, around 10mph in the morning, before falling off to around 5mph from lunch onwards, rising as the night goes on. Out in the cove, light winds and a low swell will keep the wave action very mild throughout the day, ranging around 1ft with a few larger waves. On the trails, the lower temperatures and breeze in the morning will be just the ticket for an enjoyable ride or hike.

A wealth of fun activities to start the day, with town’s Monday morning Functional Fitness class in the Yoga pavilion, and an event that hasn’t happened in a while (at least formally), Beach Soccer for kids! With the low tide right at 9:50, Beach Soccer departed from Limonada at 10am to take advantage of the full beachfront, an event open to everyone that is always fun no matter what skill level you are. After all, part of the fun of Beach Soccer is the unpredictability of playing on the sand, and afterward, you’re in the perfect place for a dip into the ocean to cool off.

Other activities today include Limonada’s Sunset Happy Hour in the evening, which will lead into their Monday evening Pizza Special, featuring a fresh Shrimp and Feta pizza with other toppings on demand.

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