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The Daily. Wednesday, May 8th, 2019.

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Calle Cartagena Las Catalinas

In this Daily — First Daytime Rains, Calle Cartagena, and Lively Wildlife

We had the first daytime rains in town yesterday! For about 15 minutes around 3pm there was a very pleasant shower that came down, adding a very different shade to the usual sunlit Tikal green colorations of the pool at the Beach Club.

As for this morning, we’ve got a bit more sun and some clear, cooler weather, expected to fall off by this afternoon with temperatures in the low 80s around sunset. The bougainvillea flowers (Veraneras if you ask don Evaristo) are loving the combination of sun and rain, popping to life seemingly everywhere you look, like these from Plaza Terrazas.

Another group that seem to be loving the change in the weather are the Black Iguanas on Playa Danta. Just today there was a small fleet of juveniles out and around staking out territory, engaging in little spats, zipping across the ground after each other with tremendous speed. We often spot them when they’re resting or walking about, but these iguanas are actually the fastest lizards in the world, capable of reaching up to 35 km/h in a sprint.

And finally for updates on projects in town, from Plaza Andalucia, you can see that the Flats on Calle Cartagena have made some fast progress.

This is an updated view, showing how the area is filling in. Very exciting!




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