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The Daily. Monday, May 6th, 2019.

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Beach Club Costa Rica

In this Daily — The Winds Are Changing

Lighter winds today in the trail of the gentle showers that were on and off throughout the coast this weekend. There was even enough rain in parts of town to see a puddle or two formed here and there, but not for long. Some of the heat of dry season will still be here today, with temperatures in the high 80s throughout.

Beach Club Costa Rica

Touching a little more on the changing of seasons. All around, you can feel the atmosphere of change in the air, little details here and there that don’t jump out, but are definitely perceptible. They manifest in little questions like “was that tree quite so green the last time I saw it?” or “man, the air feels a little bit mistier, doesn’t it?”

It’s sort of like a watched pot that never boils — and then the moment you turn back around the trees have thrown on another layer of green.

One change that is very easy to spot, however, is the wind. After almost three months of steady, strong, and consistent wind from the northeastern blowing across Costa Rica — which brought with it the dry air and warm temperatures that we’ve come to know well from February to May — the breeze is all over the place this week, and the mixing of the ocean’s cool air should bring with it some much milder temperatures.

Upcoming Event Spotlight

Today’s upcoming event spotlight focuses on “Un Paseo por España”, a Pop Up Dinner happening tomorrow night in the Beach Club. As we come to the end of the summer season, it’s going to be an excellent evening to enjoy some coastal tapas taken straight from the legendary cooking traditions of Spain. Fresh seafood, rich vegetables, and handmade breads and tortillas highlight the menu, which is always a delight.

If you’re interested in attending, you can sign up by clicking this link. 

Schedule Highlights

– Champions League Lunch @ Limonada: 1pm
– Un Paseo por España Pop Up @ Beach Club: 6pm

– HIIT Training @ Playa Danta Yoga Pavilion: 7am

Vegan Unlimited @ Beach Club: 3pm
– Tales by Light with ConnectOcean @ Potrero Community Center: 6:30pm

– Sunset Gin & Tonics @ Santarena Rooftop: 5pm

– Mother’s Day Brunch

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