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The Daily. Tuesday, May 14th, 2019.

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Playa Dantita 2013

In this Daily — Flor Blancas Springing to Life

Surf on Playa Danta

Another healthy rain yesterday evening, bringing some shade and cooler temperatures this morning. Out in the cove, the surf is solid, breaking in a strong and steady rhythm that you can hear all throughout Paseo del Mar. And on the trails there are signs of running water (a rare sight so early in the season), as well as a much smoother track, although a few of the looser areas were a bit skiddy for riding in the early hours as the dirt dried. As they dry, they’ll be excellent for a mountain bike ride later today.

And if you step out onto the beach, you can see the Flor Blancas blooming all up and down the coast. These flowers (also known as Plumerias) come in multiple shapes and sizes throughout town, range in color from white to fuchsia, and are prominent at this time during the year. The Flor Blancas are perennial, but right around the changing of the seasons they seem to have far more flowers, just as they’re losing some of their leaves.

Below, two photos of the blooms on Playa Dantita, taken exactly 6 years apart.

Playa Dantita 2013

Playa Dantita 2019

Some things stay the same.

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