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Mother's Day Las Catalinas

In this Daily — Mother’s Day and The Week Ahead

If you’re on the U.S. calendar, today is Mother’s Day, which we’re celebrating in town with a special brunch in the Conservatory. So in addition to recognizing all of the moms in Las Catalinas, we’d like to give a special thanks to the House Moms as well. They’re the heartbeat of our homes: getting us started in the morning, keeping everything in top shape throughout the day, and always bringing positive energy, and without them town just wouldn’t be the same.

An interesting week ahead, headlined by the culinary. On Tuesday at 6, Alma Viajera will be at the Beach Club taking us on “A Tour Around South America” inspired by Chef Gilberto’s culinary travels through the continent. And if you enjoy that meal, make sure to stop by Gilberto’s course “Mastering the Art of the Picnic” on Thursday at 3.¬†And finally, on Sunday, Ponciana will be hosting Brunch as a colorful, tasty, and satisfying meal to start the day.

The big event for this week is Friday night at 5:30, when the low tide sunset brings the Barrio Barbecue, with tables set on Playa Danta for an evening of the fresh and fire roasted. There’s something special about low tide sunsets during the rainy season. There’s simplicity in waning sunlight playing against the clouds, the fire of the grill, and gentle waves against the shore that all remind us of the good life.

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