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In this Daily — LaPula’s Transformation

A cool quiet morning that’ll be just about perfect for this morning’s Meditation session in the Conservatory. Had the pleasure of attending Thursday’s yoga session in the space, and it’s a special place to be, especially for mindfulness. Cool, calm, lit just right by the sunlight, and very peaceful.


Some other news comes to us today from just downstairs of Central, at LaPula. Formerly a gift shop for handmade local crafts, LaPula has undergone a major transformation recently, and is now home to town’s first ever art gallery!


We kept pictures to a minimum (even though we¬†really wanted to take a ton of them), so you’ll have to step in and see the gallery for yourself, but there’s a lot of history even behind this young collection. As one of the first Art Galleries in Guanacaste, there were a lot of bridges that needed to be built to cultivate a good body of work for the gallery. There’s not a very strong focus on canvas artwork in Guanacaste, with local artisans focusing more on craft work and more physical artwork, and there’s also a very underdeveloped relationship between San Jose artists and buyers in Guanacaste.

Ivan, who has run LaPula since its creation, explained that while they were purchasing art from buyers in San Jose, they got a lot of “what? Guanacaste?” style reactions, but they’re excited to be doing something new. “San Jose is a small town, and to be honest, there just aren’t that many walls!” he commented, and believes that there’s something to be said for forging ahead with a new art scene away from the city. And in a country that tends to revolve around San Jose, it’s exciting to see projects that stand proudly in other parts of Costa Rica.


Upcoming Events:

Sunday Brunch — Tomorrow at 10am @ Conservatory

Native Terroir — Tuesday at 6pm @ Beach Club

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