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The Daily. Friday, March 15th, 2019.

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In this Daily — Friday Night and the Weekend

A warm day today, with some cloud cover arriving mid afternoon to help bring temperatures down a bit. It will be a great day to be out and around in the morning, before a cool and relaxing dip in the pool or the ocean in the afternoon.

Last night’s festivities went off swimmingly, with a lively bunch down at the beach enjoying Circus Night and the Flavors of Nicoya in the warm summer night air. Flavors of Nicoya was a particular highlight, blending culture and food into a memorable experience reminiscent of Guanacaste Nights.┬áSomething about Las Catalinas and food festivals just works.

Looking ahead to this evening, tonight will be a screening of the Little Prince on the beach at 6:30pm, the sunset weather perfect for cocktails anywhere on the beachfront. Later this weekend will be Sunday Brunch at Ponciana, and early next week will see the return of the Barrio Barbecue, a lively neighborhood barbecue on the beach of Playa Danta. This low tide barbecue is hosted only once a month, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy a favorite Catalinas tradition.

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