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The Daily. Tuesday, March 12th, 2019.

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In this Daily — A Tour Around South America

A warm afternoon today, with clear skies, a firm breeze, and lots of sun throughout the day. It’ll be an excellent afternoon to be out in the water, with some cool clear water as we start the week after a pleasant morning.

Lots going on this week, and we start tonight night with “A Journey Through South America”, a pop-up dinner with Chef Gilberto Briceño. Based on Briceño’s journey from Tierra del Fuego up through Argentina, Chile, Peru, across the Amazon and the Andes, before finally ending up in Las Catalinas. The focus will be on different dishes from around each of these countries, in a multinational dinner with all of the flavor and flair of our southern neighbors.

Further ahead, keep an eye out for Thursday’s “Flavors of Nicoya: Bites on the Beachfront”, and the second edition of Sunday brunch, which we touched on in yesterday’s Daily. There’ll be more coverage of each of those events as the week goes on.


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