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In this Daily: The Week Ahead

This week is a blend of the colorful and comfortable, with Cuban cuisine, mixology, and a Father’s Day celebration highlighting the calendar.

On Tuesday at 6, Chef Briceño presents Cuba Libre. Think warm summer nights on the Carribean, laughter echoing out on the water while the wispy aroma of smoked pork fills the air, punctuated by the refreshing taste of Cuba Libres.

On Wednesday at 2, the Beach Club hosts mixology class focused on using unique local ingredients. Stop by to learn some of Costa Rica’s unique twists/dashes, a colorful palette of flavors many never get to taste.

On Sunday at 10am, Father’s Day Brunch caps off the weekend. For most dads, the best gift is just some time to relax and be with family, and this can be a perfect exclamation point to a Father’s Day Weekend. Reserve your spot here.

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