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The Daily. Friday, June 7th, 2019.

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Plaza Central Entrance

In this Daily — The Thing About Friday Mornings

Today, intermingled between that lively rhythm of life that goes on no matter what day it is, you can see the subtle signs of preparation. This is because most visitors arrive in town on Saturdays. Las Catalinas is always better with more people in it. The arrival of new faces and old friends on Saturdays always brings a wave of good energy. And good energy is what we both give and receive when you are visiting Las Catalinas

Plaza Central Entrance visiting Las Catalinas

Valet Open at Plaza Central


Copper & Stone Preparations visiting Las Catalinas

Copper & Stone Getting Ready for the Weekend


Pura Vida Ride Repairs visiting Las Catalinas

Pura Vida Ride Preparing for Weekend SUPers


Gilberto Brice├▒o Preparations visiting Las Catalinas

Limonada Setting Tables for Extra Guests

What Brings People to Las Catalinas?

We receive visitors from all over the world. Each one brings with them their own interests, their own perspectives, and their own energy. There are families with small children who enjoy the sun, the sand, and the relaxation. There are some seeking a freer, more expressive life experience. We see surfers and triathletes. Eco-tourists and luxury travelers.

All are visiting Las Catalinas for their own reasons. And all have something to gain and something to share. That is why town is always so lively when we see new faces. It’s a time to meet and greet our new friends. Possibly our new neighbors!

Whatever your reasons for visiting Las Catalinas, we hope to see you here soon!

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