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Rocking Chair Pura Vida Ride

In this Daily — The Stories of Town

During a walk around Las Catalinas, you can spot the stories of town coming to life.

Rocking Chair Pura Vida Ride

A PVR rocking chair set apart, where an expert in lounging caught a particular patch of afternoon sunshine.

Footsteps on Playa Danta

Footsteps on the beach, from an early riser’s morning stroll along the shore.

Bicycle Las Catalinas

A bicycle set aside after a morning trip down to Ponciana for breakfast.

Boogie Boards Las Catalinas

A pair of boogie boards peeking over the walls of the patio, laid there to dry after a long day playing in the surf.

Swim Lessons Las Catalinas

A set of training boards returned to their places at the Beach Club after morning swimming lessons.

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