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The Daily. Thursday, June 20th, 2019.

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XPT Breathe Pillar Santarena Hotel

In this Daily: The XPT Waterman Experience Starts Today

Yesterday saw the arrival of the first XPT participants to Santarena. Here a day early to explore town before Waterman begins today. The XPT Waterman Experience will be a three day, multi-sport intensive in XPT’s Breathe, Move, and Recover curriculum.

XPT Waterman Experience Las Catalinas

Extreme Performance in Las Catalinas

It’s a great showcase of how our friendly beach town can be a place for extreme performance, as the trails, beaches, and surf around Las Catalinas push these athletes to their limit. There will be primal beach workouts, ancient Hawaiian underwater strength training (walking underwater with boulders), mountain biking, and a surf session with legend Laird Hamilton.

Laird Hamilton Surfing XPT

However, Move is only one of XPT’s pillars. There will be just as much focus on Breathe and Recover throughout these three days. We had a taste of these two pillars early in May. XPT Trainer Mark Roberts helped guide some familiar faces through different aspects of the Breathe and Recover curriculum.

XPT Ice Bath Recovery

There was a thermal recovery session using the Beach Club’s sauna and ice baths to help the body recover faster, with the added benefit of teaching calm, collected thinking in the face of extreme temperatures.

XPT Breathe Pillar Santarena Hotel

A guided breathing session up on the rooftop at Santarena showed how powerful breath can be when using proper techniques.

Paddle Board Yoga in Costa Rica

There was also a session out on the swim platform which combined Breathe, Move, and Recover all into one exercise. With the added fun of some paddle boarding, of course.

XPT Experience Dining

Expecting to see all of these and more throughout the next three days. The added support of Santarena’s culinary team will produce flavorful and nourishing food to fuel these athletes.

Glad to welcome to the XPT Crew to town! We are looking forward to seeing the new perspective that XPT brings to town unfold over the next few days.



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