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Dinner at Ponciana

In this Daily: Plant Based Favorites in Las Catalinas

It’s green season in town, and along with the return of the foliage and the flowers in town, many of the crops and edible plants around Guanacaste are bursting back to life. Last Wednesday we had a cooking course focusing on the fresh and exciting possibilities offered by vegan Costa Rican cuisine. Today we’re looking at some of our favorite plant-based options at the restaurants around Las Catalinas.

Here’s a list of a few of our favorites.

Fruit Salad Limonada


A fruit bowl in the morning is hard to beat. Combined with a cup of coffee, it makes for the perfect post-bike ride meal. For lunchtime, we love the chickpea & avocado dip with spicy sweet potato wedges. Snack on them in the afternoon watching the waves, or add a veggie wrap (minus mayo) for a fun full-vegan meal.

Dinner at Ponciana


“We use Costa Rican products, respecting the seasons, respecting our roots, respecting the regional favorites.”

A great quote from Chef Saul Umaña that inspires the menu at Ponciana. And that menu is full of captivating plant-based and vegan options. Hard to pick favorites here, on a list that includes the smoked zucchini with cashew cheese and garlic, the roast radish with olive, orange & basil, the coffee stick roasted pumpkin, and hibiscus leaf ice cream. Vegan Costa Rican cuisine never tasted so good! 

Sentido Norte After Sunset

Sentido Norte

Sunset is something truly special at Sentido Norte, especially enjoying heart of palm ceviche, a fresh juice or margaritas, and the Pasta a la Diabla. Feel the fresh breeze off of the sea and enjoy a satisfying meal that packs a flavorful punch.

Beach Club Lunch

The Beach Club

Summer afternoons by the beach are an ideal setting for vegan fare. And the Beach Club’s poolside options are hard to beat. A trio de dips (pico, guac, and curry beans) and the Tofu Crujiente Tacos bring a strong blend of sweet, tang, and spice.

Copper & Stone Deli

Copper & Stone offers the tools to build your own plant-based menu with their wide selection of fresh, locally sourced produce. Don’t want to do the work? No worry. The deli has you covered. Seasonal availability dictates most of what goes on behind the counter, but one staple — the roast veggie sandwich is hard to beat. Toss in a seasonal salad to be enjoyed out on the terrace and you’re set.


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