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Las Catalinas Beach Cruisers

In this Daily — Beach Cruisers in a Bikable Town

Biking in Costa Rica is a great way to get around. Las Catalinas is no different. At a first glance, many through-ways and alleys are pedestrian-only by nature. However, there is a network of rideable streets and ramps in town such that you can access every major area in Las Catalinas on two wheels.

Las Catalinas Beach Cruisers Biking in Costa Rica

In the video below, we take a tour from Central past Plaza Carlota to Plaza Lucia, then turn down along Calle La Ronda all the way past Santarena.

Then, after a brief spin through Plaza Danta, we head along Paseo Del Mar to the Beach Club, back along Paseo Los Niños, and then finally wrap up our trip in Plaza Escondida, all without ever leaving the bike.

Pura Vida Ride has recently announced the arrival of their own new fleet of beach cruisers. Combined with the shareable bikes (top) at Central and found around town, they make up one of the most fun ways to get around Las Catalinas. Biking in Costa Rica never looked this good! 

Pura Vida Ride Beach Cruisers Biking in Costa Rica

If you like to experience nature from two wheels, Costa Rica is the place to be. And Las Catalinas is the place for you! We hope you’ll consider visiting us soon and taking a tour of our beautiful town on two wheels!


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